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About Clicker Training

All living creatures repeat behaviors that are rewarded, so we must make sure we are rewarding the right ones! Reward based training helps a dog learn to make intelligent choices and it builds strong relationships between the dog and the owner.

Research shows that punishment may decrease an unwanted behavior, but usually produces another unwanted behavior. We focus on what we’d like the dog to DO, not what we don’t like. It is far easier to teach “do this and you’ll be rewarded” (teaching an alternative behavior), rather than “don’t do that,” which is less effective and offers no alternative.

Why a click and not just a word? Your dog hears your voice all day long, so it doesn’t mean as much as a unique sound heard only when you’re marking a behavior, followed by a reward. Dogs never forget the meaning of the sound of a clicker! Once the behaviors are learned and become part of the dog’s normal way of being, the clicker is no longer necessary…..until you want to teach a new behavior!

As my client, you will see immediate, positive changes in your dog’s attitude and behaviors and you will feel confident in your ability to maintain these new behaviors.

Clicker training, using positive reinforcement, creates a dog who can choose right behaviors and exert self-control.

Clicker training uses positive reinforcement and is the most humane and highly effective way to teach your dog better manners, without the use of punishment or collars such as choke, prong or shock.

Positive reinforcement dog training is endorsed by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviorists, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the American Animal Hospital Association. It is the only science-based approach to dog training.

Private dog training lessons in your home are tailored to suit you and your dog’s personal training needs. We start with an initial FREE consultation to assess your needs, set realistic expectations, go over the “hows” of clicker training and, if you decide to go forward, we begin training some foundation skills right away.

Positive method training brings lasting results and enhances your relationship with your dog while limiting and preventing unwanted behaviors. Traditional methods don’t typically address the roots of behavior or demonstrate true leadership. Dogs need clear, confident leadership. Domination, punishment and force don’t work if you want to teach cooperation, good manners and obedience. Your dog will trust you to not punish, and then you have an eager, willing companion.

Puppies learn inappropriate behaviors in just a few days, so a “new puppy” session before he joins your family could be the most important 60 minutes of his early education. Puppy training covers all the basics, including socialization tips, feeding, house training, basic obedience, problem prevention, as well as what to expect down the road as your puppy matures.

For puppies, beginning immediately when your pup enters his new home, clicker training gives him something to think about, rather than missing his family. We begin immediately to guide him to what works for him, using very few words, so he doesn’t get overwhelmed with babble. For the first lesson, I like to begin with showing him how to give eye contact, so he quickly discovers that, by watching you, he wins a reinforcement. Another “first day of arrival” lesson is to begin learning that coming to you frequently wins him a treat.

A word about WORDS:
My favorite word to forget is “NO,” because he has no clue as to what that shout means. “NO” doesn’t tell him what you want him to do. Instead, we show him what works; the words come later, once the behavior is established. The trainer clicks the moment the dog sits and the trainer quickly gives the animal his reward. Within in just a few clicks the animal will associate the click with something he likes as a reward. We begin with food, but later utilize a toy, petting, playtime…
Any behavior can be trained this way:
1. Get the behavior
2. Click the behavior
3. Reward the behavior

Behavior Problems
We use behavior modification techniques to help desensitize your dog to his various triggers and to show him alternative choices that will be acceptable to the family and will help him be more in control of his behavior.

Above all, we want the training to be fun and successful for everyone in the family!